ms paint is really tough but i l.ove it

im jealous of all you win 7 users

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Yes, very good, thank you.


An amazing cosplay I found in this month’s Cosmode. I thought of Mane, Kahuan and Lore :)


****ON SALE**** Chara- Hero figures - Part 5 set - vol.2.************

My set of big-headed Chara-Hero figures arrived today!! I’m just interested in the Assassin Team figures, so I’m selling the rest:

Narancia + Aerosmith—-10€ + shipping (depends of where you are from)

Mista + Sex Pistols—-10€ + shipping (depends of where you are from)

Fugo + Purple Haze—-10€ + shipping (depends of where you are from)

Trish + Spice Girl.——10€ + shipping (depends of where you are from)

If you buy 2 or more combinations from this list, shipping will be cheaper and you’ll get Notorious B.I.G. and Pericolo for free.

Payments: Paypal.

All the figures are new and come into his plastic bag and box. Contact me through my ask box if interested. You can check my feedback as a seller on Ebay.

redgaloshesforfeet has posted so much beautiful Narancia today. You should go see!